Philip Serrell
1,52 MB
10 Apr 2006

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From priceless eighteenth-century dining tables hidden away in decaying farm sheds to tattooed travellers with a penchant for Wedgewood china, professional auctioneer Philip Serrell has seen it all. In An Auctioneer's Lot he brings to life a world in which the most valuable antiques frequently turn up in the most unlikely places - and accompanied by the most unlikely people. For over twenty years he has uncovered a huge range of priceless (and occasionally worthless) antiques, and he has met, done business with and befriended people from some odd corners of English life. Funny, startling and sometimes poignant, these stories of ordinary people with extraordinary possessions are also the perfect inspiration for anyone who's ever wondered whether they might just be sitting on a fortune . . .

A lot of 4 small vintage Pewter religious figurines. Please view scans as item pictured is the item that will ship. O Hallmark Little Gallery Pewter Smart Squirrel Holding an Acorn 1976 wide. o Hallmark Little Gallery Pewter Beaver Carrying Logs.